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When it comes to selecting a contractor in today’s gas and oil industry, there are many factors that influence an owner company’s decision. In the past, the qualifications a contractor needed were mainline cross-country pipeline construction know-how, operating capital, and access to equipment. Their driving motivation was to achieve cost efficiency by constructing a project as quickly as possible with very little regard given to right-of-way restrictions, environmental sensitivity, or the safety needs of the landowners and workers. The required qualifications of today’s pipeline contractor are much different. Today’s contractor must not only be cost efficient, but must do so while giving significant priority to the landowner, environmental, and safety needs specific to each project. Because of these fundamental changes within the industry, contractors have changed the way they operate by re-training their management, estimators, superintendents, and general workforce. Over the past 20 years, existing contractors have been forced to make this transition to remain on the bid lists of their respective clients.

Precision Pipeline, LLC is the first pipeline contractor uniquely designed to successfully and efficiently work within today’s more stringent pipeline construction parameters.

When considering pipeline contractors to bid on your next pipeline project, remember Precision Pipeline, LLC. Our business is built around your needs and the needs of today’s pipeline owner companies. We have the experience and expertise to safely complete any project while maintaining complete environmental compliance with minimal impact to landowners. Precision Pipeline is not a new contractor; we are the next generation pipeline contractor.

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