Human Trafficking Awareness

Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) is a pipeline construction contractor with ever-changing jobsites across the United States and we are 100% committed to safety, the communities we work in and to being part of something bigger than the project. These values played a key role in deciding to implement a Human Trafficking Awareness Program. We began our program after realizing a few small additions to our orientation could make a large national impact. To effectively train all PPL employees, we use resources provided by Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), tailored to both the home office employees and the field employees to ensure everyone is effectively trained to recognize the signs of human trafficking. Incorporating training tools provided by TAT, the PPL Human Trafficking Awareness Program includes a video that educates each viewer on the signs of human trafficking and how to report it, a National Human Trafficking Hotline poster and a wallet card for quick reference. In addition to the TAT-provided tools, we created a “TAT Trained” hard hat sticker and a “Know the Signs” banner.



With more than 2,000 fleet vehicles on the road and an employee base that travels from one jobsite to another, are making a significant impact toward TAT’s mission. PPL has seen immediate results of the program in the increased number of trained individuals  that are passionate about being a part of stopping this crime. The growing number of trained employees has the potential to travel more than 6 million miles annually by CDL drivers in fleet vehicles alone. These employees, combined with those that stay in hotels and RV parks near each jobsite, and the newly trained at daily orientations, add to the growing PPL crew that are the eyes and ears on the road, ready to identify and assist potential victims of human trafficking within the communities where we live and work.

To extend our reach beyond employees, PPL encourages clients, subcontractors, vendors and professional organizations to also implement a human trafficking awareness training program. By speaking to boards and at events, we hope others will be inspired to implement similar training. In 2019, PPL was able to secure TAT as a speaker for a national contractor association’s large board meeting in Washington, D.C. This event inspired many audience members to share the message with their teams afterward. We are a proud to fight this crime with the help of Truckers Against Trafficking and Fierce Freedom, and also with our clients, subcontractors and professional organizations.