We build liquid and gas transmission pipelines

Precision Pipeline, LLC, is the first pipeline contractor uniquely designed to successfully and efficiently work within today’s more stringent pipeline construction parameters. We perform all aspects of both liquid and gas pipeline construction and have created a significant market presence across the United States because of our focus on safety, quality, environment and production.

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In partnership with five other specialty divisions, Precision Pipeline, LLC, performs all aspects of both liquid and gas pipeline construction. This partnership allows for the greatest attention to detail from start to finish on all projects. From all aspects of pipeline construction to HDD drilling, engineering and dewatering, these divisions have the same commitment to safety, quality, environment and production to create a strong presence across the United States.

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Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) was one of the first union contractors in the Marcellus Shale region and has been a consistent leader across the Midwest, more recently building a foundation in the Utica Shale and Southwest United States. Our “Next Generation” team, along with our corporate support structure, positions us to handle all aspects of pipeline projects of any complexity or scope while being accountable at all levels.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Safety runs deep throughout Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) and our employees. We believe that safety isn't a task or a means to an end; it is part of our culture that shines through our daily actions and work ethics. Because of this belief, PPL is 100% committed to safety, quality, the environment and production. These areas all work hand in hand, along with the efforts of every person on the job. We live by this model on and off the right-of-way.

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Precision Pipeline, LLC, is committed to quality and uses a process approach with risk-based thinking to ensure our quality management system is integrated into all aspects of our business. We are committed to provide the resources and training needed to ensure an effective quality management system that is necessary for our clients’ success and our continued improvement. 

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Environmental Compliance

With goals to preserve the integrity of environmentally sensitive areas and to maintain existing water quality, Precision Pipeline, LLC, minimizes the extent and duration of disturbance of every project. We protect exposed soil by diverting runoff to stabilized areas, install temporary and permanent erosion control measures, and establish an effective inspection and maintenance program.

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We are focused on giving back to our communities.

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