Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) is 100% committed to safety, the communities we work in and to being part of something bigger than the project. With added focus on improving the health and safety of our environment, our people and overall well-being of the communities we work in, we truly make a difference during the construction of each project and beyond.

Human Trafficking Awareness Training

As a nationwide leader in the pipeline construction industry, PPL realized how the energy industry intersects with human trafficking through midstream transportation, construction projects, and material and fuel transportation from coast to coast. We are positioned to make a difference by training people within our organization to recognize and report this crime. By implementing a Human Trafficking Awareness Program that includes adding a training video to our orientation and placing key reminders, such as banners and posters, in well-traveled areas of jobsites, we are growing a mobile crew that will be the eyes and ears throughout the country. The PPL Human Trafficking Awareness Program trains 100% of all PPL employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking and empowers them to report this crime.


Respect Minnesota

On January 21, 2020, PPL ceremoniously signed the Respect Minnesota pledge (The Pledge) along with other organizations, communities, groups and individuals who are committed to working together to create safe working environments in Minnesota. The Pledge consists of six tenets that support a safe environment for everyone during infrastructure planning, permitting and construction in Minnesota. The tenets also establish a need for common ground and promote freedom of speech and personal safety rights. This commitment to provide open and respectful communication while also ensuring a safe working environment honors people and their opinions, as well as respects the rights of people to safely do their jobs, operate their business and engage with their community.