2004 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Precision Pipeline, LLC, is founded

Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) was founded in 2004 and continues to grow as the premier pipeline construction company in North America. PPL was established on the principle of meeting client needs while continuing to focus on safety, quality and environmental compliance with minimal impact to landowners. This core value remains strong in our company culture.
2004 - Precision Pipeline, LLC, founded in 2004

2005 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Milestone:

Completed 30 Contracted Jobs 

In the first year, PPL reached a project milestone by completing 30 contracted pipeline construction jobs throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

2008 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Consistent Growth

PPL continues to lead pipeline construction in North America and consistently doubles in size year after year, leading to a home office expansion.
2008 - Precision Pipeline, LLC, Consistent Growth

Project Award: Southern Lights Pipeline

PPL is awarded the construction of the Southern Lights Pipeline, 136 miles of 20-inch pipeline.

2008 Southern Lights Project Award

2009 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Joins MasTec, Inc.

PPL joined MasTec Inc., an American multinational infrastructure engineering and construction company, as the premier oil and gas service line. This partnership has allowed us to focus on growth and development with the ability to complete construction on both large mainline projects and smaller infrastructure projects.
2009 - Precision Pipeline Acquired by MasTec

NMSDC Member

Recognizing the importance diverse suppliers bring to projects, as well as the social and economic impacts they have on communities, PPL becomes a member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). We actively pursue diverse subcontractors and suppliers to build relationships and provide opportunities for participation in our work. We encourage all departments to seek opportunities to utilize small, minority-owned diverse suppliers whenever possible. Our commitment to inclusiveness is at the core of our culture.
2009 - Precision Pipeline Becomes Member of NMSDC

Precision Transport, LLC

PPL recognized a need for nationwide equipment transportation and created an in-house trucking company, Precision Transportation, LLC.
2009 - Precision Transport

2010 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Award: Alberta Clipper

PPL is awarded the construction of the Alberta Clipper Project, 206 miles of 36-inch and 20-inch pipeline.

2010 - Alberta Clipper Project Award

Project Award: Ruby Pipeline

PPL is awarded the construction of the Ruby Pipeline Project, 256 miles of 42-inch pipeline.

2010 Ruby Project Award

2011 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

PROJECT Milestone:

Completed 43 contracted Jobs, totaling 195 miles

PPL reached another project milestone in 2011 by completing 43 contracted jobs, totaling 195 miles of pipeline construction.

2012 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Award: Lone Star West Texas Gateway

PPL is awarded the construction of Spread 3 of the Lone Star West Texas Gateway Project, 131.6 miles of 16-inch pipeline.

2012 Lone Star West Texas Project Award

Project Award: Line 6B Replacement

PPL is awarded the construction of the Line 6B Replacement Project, 285 miles of 36-inch pipeline in Michigan and Indiana.

2012 Line Replacement Project Award

2013 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Milestone:

Completed  573 Miles of Pipeline Construction

PPL completed multiple East Coast and Midwest projects, totaling 573 miles of pipeline construction.

2014 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Milestone:


PPL continues to grow and acquire market share, completing 35 pipeline construction projects this year.

2015 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Milestone:

Completed 339 miles Of Pipeline Construction

PPL completed numerous projects across the United States, totaling 339 miles of pipeline construction.

2016 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Award: Dakota Access Pipeline

PPL is awarded the construction of the Dakota Acces Pipeline, 659.6 miles of 30-inch, 49.5 miles of 24-inch, 55.4 miles of 20-inch, and 22.8 miles of 12-inch.

2016 Dakota Access Pipeline Project Award

Pretec Directional Drilling

PPL creates Pretec Directional Drilling. Pretec is committed to providing exceptional HDD service that prioritizes clients and employees and customizes every job to ensure its success.

2016 - Pretec HDD

2017 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Project Award: Rover Pipeline

PPL is awarded the construction of the Rover Pipeline, 187.3 miles of dual 42-inch, 126.3 miles of single 42-inch, 54.0 miles of 36-inch and 33.7 miles of 24-inch.

2017 - Rover Project Award

2018 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

New Brand Identity

PPL rebrands and reveals an updated logo that highlights our signature "P" while still maintaining our same commitment to safety, quality and environmental compliance.

Precision Pipeline, LLC

Precision Dewatering, LLC

PPL launched a new division, Precision Dewatering, LLC (PDW). Led by experts in the industry with years of infrastructure construction experience, PDW provides turnkey solutions to any project, anywhere in the country. This experience allows us to provide environmentally-friendly solutions and services to all projects while increasing efficiency and minimizing lost time and resources.

2018 - Precision Dewatering, LLC

Precision Engineering Solutions, LLC

PPL launched a new division, Precision Engineering Solutions, LLC (PES). PES is guided by a team of industry experts who provide value-added solutions, the ability to meet evolving infrastructure project requirements and provide timely responsiveness to project demands.

2018 - Precision Engineering Solutions, LLC

Precision Infrastructure, LLC

Precision Infrastructure, a division of Precision Pipeline, LLC, is created to work beyond mainline construction with a focus on operational needs at the local and regional levels. Offering fully diversified services, we provide construction, maintenance and service of operational infrastructure.

2018 - Precision Infrastructure

2019 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Continued Growth

Growth of PPL and the new Divisions increase the home office and field workforce with 100 home office employees and annual peak field manpower at 7,000 employees.
2019 - Premiere Pipeline Contractor

Great Lakes TERO

PPL was voted in as an associate member of the Great Lakes TERO [Tribal Employment Rights Office (GLT)] and gifted the organization's flag in a special ceremony.
Great Lakes TERO Logo

Human Trafficking Awareness Program

PPL is 100% committed to safety, the communities we work in and to being part of something bigger than the project. These values played a key role in implementing our Human Trafficking Awareness Program. This initiative trains every individual on every project and all home office employees to know the red flags of human trafficking and empowers them to report this crime.

2019 Human Trafficking Awareness Program Launches

2020 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

Patriot Boom Goes to Work

With a sense of community support and comradery in mind, this Cat® PL87 pipelayer was painted by PLM as a special addition to the fleet and as a reminder that we are all in this together. This patriotic sideboom continues to work on PPL projects across the United States.
2020 - Patriot Boom

Human Trafficking Awareness Program Growth

We remain committed to fighting human trafficking and continue to grow our Human Trafficking Awareness Program by launching a PPL branded initiative. By building relationships with survivor advocacy organizations as well as being a resource for others who would like to implement similar training, we seek opportunities to share with industry leaders, companies and communities through social media, events and speaking engagements while maintaining our 100% trained staff.

2020 - Human Trafficking Awareness Program Rebrand

2021 - Precision Pipeline, LLC

PROJECT AWARD: Line 3 Replacement Project

PPL is awarded the construction of the Line 3 Replacement Project, 233.3 miles of 36-inch.

2021 - Line 3 Replacement Project