Because Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) focuses on health, safety, environment and delivering a quality product, we have created a strong reputation reaching across much of the United States. We provide our clients with the best solutions by bringing innovation to every project, evaluating processes to determine the most efficient and cost-effective construction techniques, and offering specialized divisions led by industry experts.

Precision Pipeline, LLC
Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) has the experience and expertise to safely complete any project while maintaining total environmental compliance with minimal impact to landowners.

Pretec Horizontal Drilling Logo
To provide the best HDD service possible, we work closely with our clients and contractors to customize every job and ensure its success while taking care of our employees' safety and dedicating ourselves to the process.

Precision Infrastructure, LLC
We look beyond mainline construction and into our clients' operational needs at the local and regional levels. Offering fully diversified services, it is our mission to provide our clients a premier performance through excellence and innovation.

Precision Dewatering, LLC
We design solutions concerning ground and surface water problems while keeping permit, workspace and budget restrictions in mind. Our expertise expands beyond the pipeline industry and is adaptable for all construction sectors, natural disasters and beyond.

Precision Engineering Solutions, LLC
Our team provides you with turnkey solutions that foster innovation, embrace adaptability and demand efficiency.