Employment Opportunities

Precision Pipeline, LLC, is only what its employees make it, which is why we strive to provide an honest, hard-working and exciting environment. Our management teams work on the growth and development of our staff, focusing on safety, quality and goal setting. We’re not afraid to give our employees responsibility and we look for people who thrive on getting the job done with a positive attitude.

TO APPLY: Please send your resume and cover letter to hr@precisionpipelinellc.com.

Welder/Fabricator - Non-Union


Home Office, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
JOB TYPE: Full Time, Non-Union
SUPERVISOR: Welding Foreman

Experience Operating and Programming CNC Plasma Table
Ability to Accurately Design, Fabricate and Build Custom Steel Prototypes for Assembly
Ability to Design New Custom Parts to Suit the Needs of a Project
Ability to Fabricate Custom Parts Manually for One-Offs
Ability to Draft Blueprints for Parts and Assembly
Ability to Convert Parts to DXF Files for CNC Programming
Comfortable Using Solid Works Drafting Parts and Assemblies, and Making Changes to Existing Solid Works Files
Capable of Manually Nesting Parts and Utilizing Scrap Pieces of Material If Necessary, in Order to Get a Job Done
Familiar With Building Fixtures to Aid Large Runs of Assemblies to Assist in Expediting Larger Runs
Familiar With Manually Manipulating Lead-Ins and Lead-Outs to Suit Material and Parts Needed
Familiar With Plasma Cutting Consumables and Troubleshooting Cut Quality During CNC Cutting
Familiar With CNC Plasma Table Upkeep and Maintenance

Precision Pipeline Employment Opportunities - Equipment Foreman

Field Equipment Foreman


LOCATION: TBD, Field Based
DATE: Ongoing
JOB TYPE: Full-Time, Exempt             
SUPERVISOR: Vice President, Equipment and Transportation

Qualified candidates will posess three or more years of experience in pipeline construction. The ideal candidate will have a pipeline background with knowledge of the industry and the equipment utilized, possess strong computer skills, have a concept of how equipment relates to job cost, be a self-starter and have both a respectful yet respectable demeanor.

Receiving and Verifying Equipment
Assisting With Delivery Logistics
Documenting Asset Condition Upon Arrival
Preparing Equipment to Be Sent to the Right-Of-WayTracking Assignments and Location of Assets
Collecting and Processing Asset Shipping and Receiving DocumentsCollecting and Processing Asset Inspection Forms
Collecting and Processing Asset Maintenance Forms
Collecting and Processing Repair Documentation
Collecting and Processing Driver Paperwork
Preparing a Variety of Asset Reports
Analyzing Asset Utilization
Validating Invoices
Preparing Equipment to Be Returned to the Vendor or to Be Sent to the Next Job
Documenting Asset Condition Prior to Shipment
Training Additional Field Personnel on Asset Management Database (If Needed)
Communicating With Home Office and Field
Communicating With the Master Mechanic

Precision Pipeline Employment Opportunities - Equipment Foreman