Precision Infrastructure, LLC

With industry-leading safety, quality, compliance and project management programs, Precision Infrastructure, LLC, (INF) meets the operational needs of clients at local and regional levels. We offer both transmission and distribution services to provide complete construction, maintenance and service of operational infrastructure. By providing exceptional value through a culture of innovation through experience and diverse capabilities, INF is 100% committed to your success.

innovation through experience & diverse capabilities

We operate in one of the most heavily regulated and scrutinized industries in the country. Because of this and because of our management's core values, we are focused on improving the health and safety of our environment, our people and our community as a whole.


  • Regional Pipeline Construction (Steel & HDPE)
  • Conventional Auger Boring
  • Guided Boring & HDD
  • Utilities Construction & Installation
  • Station & Facilities Construction
  • Maintenance, Integrity & Anomaly Investigation
  • Line Replacements
  • Hydrostatic Testing (New & Existing Infrastructure)
  • ILI & Pigging Support
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Below Ground/Above Ground Coating & Painting
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Design, Plan & Construct Resources


  • Master Service Blanket Programs
  • Meter & Regulator Stations
  • Public Improvement Replacement Projects
  • Accelerated Cast & Bare Steel Replacement - Urban & Rural (STL, PE & Large Diameter PE (Polyurethane))
  • Main Extensions & Conversions
  • Joint Trench Projects/Programs (Gas, Power, Telecom, Cable TV)
  • HDD Duct
  • Service Replacement
  • Riser, Meter, House Piping, Relights & Hazard Checks
  • New Business Main & Service Installation (Open Cut, Plow, HDD)
  • Anomaly Digs & Repair