On January 21, 2020, Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) ceremoniously signed the Respect Minnesota pledge (The Pledge) along with other organizations, communities, groups and individuals who are committed to working together to create safe working environments in Minnesota. The Pledge consists of six tenets that support a safe environment for everyone during infrastructure planning, permitting and construction in Minnesota. The tenets also establish a need for common ground and promote freedom of speech and personal safety rights. This commitment to provide open and respectful communication while also ensuring a safe working environment honors people and their opinions, as well as respects the rights of people to safely do their jobs, operate their business and engage with their community.


I support free speech and a safe environment for everyone.
We are committed to respecting people’s rights, their ability to work safely, to operate their business, to use and enjoy their property, and be active in their community.

I will listen, be inclusive and look for common ground.

We value all viewpoints, opinions and thoughts, and will strive for mutual understanding to accommodate all citizens in respectful conversation.

I will respect others, our natural environment and local communities.
We believe protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and are committed to following regulations and procedures that safeguard the public on every project.

I will respect the cultural heritage and history of indigenous people.
We acknowledge different experiences and perspectives and will be mindful of cultural traditions.

I will be accountable for my words and actions and abide by the law.
We accept responsibility for our words and actions.

Let’s move forward together.
We will collaborate with all stakeholders, partners and the agencies who serve the public through local, state and federal government so we can all move forward together.