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As a division of Precision Companies, Precision Infrastructure brings the same capabilities, reputation, and unparalleled performance the Precision Pipeline organization has been known for. With outstanding safety and quality, unmatched management, and world-class construction capabilities, we look beyond mainline construction and into our clients’ operational needs at the local and regional levels. Offering fully diversified services, it is our mission at Precision Infrastructure to provide our clients a premier performance through our culture of excellence and innovation that cannot be beaten. We are 100% committed to the continual success of our clients through the construction, maintenance, and service of their operational Infrastructure.



  • Regional Pipeline Construction - Steel & HDPE
  • Conventional Auger Boring
  • Guided Boring & HDD
  • Utilities Construction&Installation
  • Station&Facilities Construction
  • Maintenance/Integrity/Anomaly Investigation
  • Line Replacements
  • Hydrostatic Testing (New & Existing Infrastructure)
  • ILI & Pigging Support
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Below Ground/Above Ground Coating & Painting
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Design, Plan, and Construct Resources